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Quality: Are you tired of purchasing toys that do not provide the lasting satisfaction you expect for your children? The answer is found in all LIKEaBIKE Australia models with a superior quality guaranteeing a long life that cannot be paralleled by plastic toys. 

Construction: Made from varnished birch/beech plywood, aluminium, high-grade steel, felt, textiles and rubber, these products combine to raise LIKEaBIKE to a level above competing products.


Mobility: Your children can be mobile at an early age and will develop strong emotional ties and memories associated with their first experiences in mobility.


Balance: You will be amazed at how quickly your child develops the skill, coordination and agility required to become fully mobile.


No Training Wheels: Children who have learnt to ride the LIKEaBIKE way will have no need to use training wheels when they progress to a proper bicycle.


Special Needs: This walking bicycle is also well suited to children with special needs as it is a natural way for these children to develop their motor skills.


Owning a LIKEaBIKE will almost guarantee your young child will become active and mobile. As a result, we at LIKEaBIKEAustralia wish to highlight the importance of safety and encourage you to read carefully the safety guidelines that come with the bike. We would like to reinforce them here to ensure you and your family have a safe and enjoyable experience.



  • All LIKEaBIKES are classified as toy vehicles and 
    should not be used on or near public paths and streets.

  • Only one child should ride the vehicle at any one time.

  • Children should be taught how to stop correctly using their feet as brakes.

  • Maintenance checks of all aspects of the bike, 
    including checking the tightness of screws, should 
    be done regularly. If the bike is damaged in any way, 
    do not allow your child to ride the bike until affected parts have been replaced.

  • The bike should not be ridden without wearing an approved helmet.

  • If you use the LIKEaBIKE outdoors at any stage, please remember:
    - to never let your child ride the LIKEaBIKE unattended
    - to avoid inclines at all times
    - to avoid areas where there are obstacles of 
    any description that could cause an accident.

  • REMEMBER – Your child is riding at an age where they do not have the capacity to make decisions regarding safety. As an adult supervisor, practice extreme caution at all times.

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